Advantages And Disadvantages Of Voluntary Redundancy vs Forced Redundancy

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Voluntary Redundancy vs Forced Redundancy With the world economy struggling and companies continuing to layoff staff, questions arise over the respective advantages and disadvantages of voluntary redundancy vs forced redundancy. It is an emotionally-charged topic for all involved, including for the people making the decisions about who goes and who stays.…

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Australian 457 Temporary Work Visa Controversy [Watch The 30 Second Video]

Australian 457 Temporary Work Visa Controversy [Watch The 30 Second Video] Skilled migration to Australia and employer-sponsored work visas is an area that can become a political battleground when politics gets involved. With the federal election campaign in full swing, the Australian 457 temporary work visa debate continues to rage. The powerful construction union, the…

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Challenges In Managing Change | Unusual Insight From A Retired Rock Star

Challenges In Managing Change | Unusual Insight From A Retired Rock Star There are many challenges in managing change for supervisors and middle managers when it comes to managing staff. There are well-known problems faced by frontline leaders and middle managers: Dealing with difficult employees and workplace law issues. Managing within constrained budgets Excessive numbers of meetings…

Value Chain Analysis For Business Growth

How To Measure HR And Display Business Metrics [Plus A Brain Teaser For You]

At HRwisdom, we talk a lot about how to measure HR and how to get the best out of your workforce using effective business targets and measures.  In one of our many free employer briefings (’15 Ways To Manage Your Employees During Uncertain Times’) we suggest the following: Clearly identify the most important business measures (KPIs = Key Performance…

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Training And Development Of Staff

Training and development of staff – this is one of the key issues addressed in the free HRwisdom Employee Attraction & Retention Guide available for download here now. In HRwisdom Community Employee Attraction & Retention Guide, sixteen expert employee management practitioners from all areas of the human resources field offer their best employee attraction & retention advice. Other…

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Recent Job Losses In Australia [Plus Free Interview On Managing Redundancies]

It’s been a rough few weeks for redundancies and job losses in the Australian labour market.  Today we’re looking at the recent announcements. We’re also sharing another helpful free HRwisdom resource on the right way to handle redundancies. Before we get started, you may also be interested in these other HRwisdom articles (they will open in…

Workplace Bullying E-Learning

Australian Government Gives $20 Million To Combat Workplace Bullying [So Here’s Your Free Workplace Bullying E-Learning Module]

Workplace Bullying is a major problem in all economies.  The Australian Government estimates that workplace bullying costs the national economy over $36 million dollars per year in lost productivity. As a result, the recent Federal Budget allocated over $20 million dollars to the Fair Work Commission so that it could do more in this troublesome…