How To Manage Redundancies

How To Manage Redundancies Without Destroying All Staff Goodwill [Audio Interview]

HRwisdom asked one of its contributors, Jacqui Alder, what was her advice for businesses on how to manage redundancies without destroying all employ goodwill?  Jacqui Alder is a consultant with extensive and diverse experience across Human Resources, change management, organisational development and industrial relations. Jacqui’s experience has been gained across a variety of industry sectors.…

New HRwisdom Report

How Involving Your Staff In Your Company’s Online Marketing Can Increase Sales, Decrease Costs, and Increase Staff Motivation

HRwisdom has published a special new report for HR professionals and business managers keen to make a financial difference to their company. The report reveals a unique opportunity for HR professionals and staff managers to be recognised as a real business partner by decreasing costs and actively growing the business. The report is called: How…

Work Stress

Managing Work Stress – Part 2

The issue of managing work stress is an important one for employers. Apart from the financial costs to the business, there are obvious impacts on individuals and work teams. Following on from his previous article on managing work stress, regular HRwisdom contributor Weng Chio Fan explains how innovation can help your employees to cope better with…

Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment [Powerful Video]

A major issue for any employer is how to prevent workplace bullying and sexual harassment. Under Occupational Health and Safety and anti-discrimination law, employers have a legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace. This short video explains: What is workplace sexual harassment. The social and economic effects What employers should do. Feel free to share the video…