HR problems

Leading Thinkers Predict Demographic & HR Problems

Two books released in recent times trigger interesting questions for business owners and Human Resources professionals across Australia. These questions can lead to major HR problems for employers. The first, a book released by Australian entrepreneur and eco-billionaire, Dick Smith argues strongly for a sustainable population level for Australia. The book, called ‘Dick Smith’s Population…

Legal Scales of Justice

How To Really Freak Out Your Workforce

Employers everywhere are facing many different challenges and this makes staff motivation very difficult. Some companies are struggling with the decline of the manufacturing sector and related job losses. Organisations in the resources-rich states are facing rising labour costs and skills shortage issues. Businesses in the retail sector are trying to protect tight profit margins…

Employee Involvement In Quality Control

Understanding The Reasons Why Employees Underperform

Employers often ask us for information on the reasons why employees underperform. Today the HRwisdom Blog is sharing some useful information for you to use. However, first we should remind you to always seek legal advice before you commence any performance management proceedings which might ultimately end in termination of employment. Depending on your location, click…