If you are in a business that wants to find and attract high quality people who may be at risk of choosing to go to your competitor – you need to consider the impact of your employer branding. Employer Branding

Today we’re sharing an interesting slideshare presentation which lists 27 best practice insights to help you with your employer branding.

Presentation On Employer Branding

Below is the Kelly Group’s presentation The Insider’s Guide To Employer Branding – 27 Employer Branding Best Practice Insights.

The presentation was built after a group of employer branding experts were brought together in one room and asked to come up with clear advice for other businesses. This group opened up and revealed their previous successes, mistakes and suggestions for the future.

Here’s how the report summarises the situation:

The employer brand has become fluid, responsive and an ever-changing conversation between organisations, employees, candidates, and the media. The new age of employer branding has created additional challenges and opportunities for HR and Marketing staff, as well as for leadership teams that want and need the best talent for their businesses. By understanding the current environment and trends in employer branding, HR, Marketing and leadership teams can learn to adapt their strategies to influence rather than control, and to guide rather than dictate.

If evolution is the only successful strategy, employer branding will continue to evolve, and it’s only just beginning.

If you think your colleagues would could benefit from some of these employer branding tips, share this presentation with them now.