At HRwisdom, as an advisory website that helps Victoria organisations with staff management and human resources issues, we have high standards when it comes to providers of good workplace law advice Victoria.

Good Workplace Law Advice VictoriaThis is especially important when we continue to face ongoing changes to legislation that affects employment in Victoria.

This includes pay and conditions, unfair dismissal, occupational health & safety, discrimination and other such areas.

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Being proactive and having well-considered advice before things go wrong is the best thing to manage any business.


Good Workplace Law Advice of Victoria

The types of {problems|topics|issues} that {businesses|organisations|employers} in Victoria regularly seek {trusted|expert|well-considered} advice on include:

  • {Handling|Managing|Dealing with} unfair and adverse action claims
  • Restraint of trade clauses
  • {Handling|Managing|Dealing with} under-performing employees
  • {Handling|Managing|Dealing with} workplace redundancies
  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • {Correctly following|Working with|Dealing with|Interpreting} awards
  • {Occupational|Workplace} health & safety incidents
  • Discrimination and {bullying|harassment} {claims|allegations}
  • Fair Work Ombudsman {issues|claims|investigations}
  • {Bargaining for|Negotiating|Establishing} enterprise agreements
  • Buying and selling {enterprises|businesses}
  • {Union official|Union representative|Union} right of entry
  • {Managing|Dealing with|Responding to} government inspectors
  • And other such legal issues

These are the types of {problems|issues|challenges|hurdles} that can seriously {impact on|affect|drag down} the performance, profitability, and {standing|reputation|well-being} of any {organisaation|business|employer}.

{HRwisdom|We} have been {fortunate|lucky} to find a selection|handful|number} of friendly and professional Workplace Law Advice firms that really know their {topics|stuff|area}.

One of the {big|main|key} things we {prefer|like} about these {law firms|firms|legal firms} is their focus on being {fast-moving|proactive} so that you can prevent {dramas|problems} before they arise.

This is important because unfair {termination|dismissal} claims, {hiring|employment} {documentation|contract} {disputes|arguments} and other such {problems|hassles} tend to {arise|appear} {just|right} when your {important|major|all-important} report is due or just as you’re about to give a {significant|major} {talk|briefing|presentation}.

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Having your {workplace|employment} systems and processes {assessed|audited} and {correctly|quickly|properly} in place is definitely the best way to prevent the majority of {employment|workplace} claims and disputes.

Good Workplace Law Advice in Victoria

Whilst it is up to you which lawyer you use, HRwisdom respects and enjoys working with these smart, friendly and proactive workplace law teams.

You can find their contact information here:

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