Enavrio is a global HR Transformation and Technology consulting network, independent HR Tech consultant collective, and solution marketplace —a space for all HR Technology Experts.

Enavrio was founded by Brenda Laughlin and Brian Turk – leaders with extensive histories working in HR, HR technology, and consulting services—based on a desire to consolidate, align, and leverage the best of what the HR tech industry has to offer.

In a wide-ranging discussion, we talked about:

  • How Enavrio helps companies overcome the challenges that they face when trying to get new strategies and technologies in place
  • Enavrio’s field of expertise
  • How an independent consultant could benefit by being part of the Enavrio Consulting Network
  • The type of projects conducted within the network
  • The power of the network: “we can align people with the right opportunities and allow them to explore their niche, to dive into their niche.”
  • How to be part of the Enavrio Consulting Network
  • And much more.

How Enavrio Helps Independent HR Tech Consultants& Corporate HR Teams

Thanks Brenda and Brian!