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  • How to manage employees during the global financial crisis.
  • Simple ways to increase staff productivity during difficult times.
  • How to reduce staff turnover.
  • How to manage difficult employees and underperforming employees.
  • Different options for financial and non-financial staff incentives.
  • How to terminate employees and/or make staff redundant in Australia.
  • Special strategies for increasing the number (and quality) of applicants for your job vacancies.
  • How to recruit staff and set up an employee retention plan.
  • The changing demographics of the Australian workforce and what it means to you when trying to retain staff.
  • Implementing HR policies and employment contracts in your workplace to prevent legal claims.
  • How to make sure your new employees want to stay through better employee inductions.
  • The proper way to handle difficult employee situations like drugs and alcohol at work.
  • Smart ideas on motivating staff using employee incentives and information.
  • Systems to prevent unfair dismissal, harassment, discrimination, and bullying claims.
  • Implementation of employee mentoring, coaching, and training systems.
  • How to motivate staff.

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