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HRwisdom Library: ‘Termination & Redundancy’ Folder

The HRwisdom Library ‘Termination & Redundancy’ Folder contains the following documents (updated for the Fair Work Act):

  • Termination & Redundancy Key Points
  • Termination Checklist
  • Redundancy Checklist
  • Redundancy Policy
  • Abandonment of Employment – Letter Confirming
  • Abandonment of Employment – Warning Letter
  • Checklist for Handing Back Property
  • Confirmation of Retirement of Employee
  • Deed of Release template
  • Exit Interview
  • Letter of Reference
  • Letter Regarding Termination
  • Letter to Centrelink Giving Notice of Terminations
  • Letter to Employee accompanying Deed of Release
  • Letter to Employee Advising of Termination Due to Redundancy
  • Letter to Employee Regarding Voluntary Redundancy
  • Letter to Employees Advising of Future Redundancies
  • Letter to Union Advising of Future Redundancies
  • Probation Terminated Letter
  • Warning Letters for Poor Performance or Misconduct
  • Resignation Checklist
  • Resignation Future Options Letter
  • Statement of Service
  • Statement of Termination Entitlements
  • Summary Dismissal Letter – Accept
  • Summary Dismissal Letter – Denial
  • Termination of Employment Summary

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