“Read On To Find Out How To Get $2,439 of World-Class Consultancy and Support To Resolve Your

Employee Management Problems and Strengthen Your Organisation For Less Than $6 a Day.”

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“My HRwisdom Membership has helped me much more than I anticipated. The HRwisdom manual and supporting material was so comprehensive and gave me so many new ideas for finding and keeping the kind of people we want.

We used all of the ideas, worksheets and documents to create a practical, easy-to-implement employee retention plan that our management team just loved. We then took advantage of all the best practice advice, case studies, and tools to resolve our people-management issues issues.

As an Human Resources Manager, I highly recommend this program for HR professionals wanting practical tools and advice on how to get the most out of their staff.”

Lyn Eivers,  Human Resources Manager,  CEVA Logistics


Dear HR Professional,

Yes, that’s correct. You can really gain $2,439 worth of world-class attraction & retention consultancy services yet only pay the equivalent of less than $6 per day (but only if you sign up during March 2009).

The support you deserve

On behalf of my overworked HR colleagues, I sought out the support of a world leader in employee management solutions and asked for his help in creating a comprehensive employee attraction, retention, and management system tailored for Australia’s unique circumstances.

These resources and support have been put together to help you as you face new HR challenges and answer questions such as:

  • How can we get better quality employees when we hire?
  • How can we make sure they perform as well as they say they can during the interview?
  • What training should we provide (including when and how)?
  • What kinds of contracts, employment documents, policies should we use?
  • Are there any simple ways to increase staff productivity during lean times?
  • What can we do to reduce staff turnover?
  • How should we manage difficult employees?
  • What sort of options are there for financial and non-financial employee incentives?
  • How can we get a better return from our expensive job ads?
  • Should we be doing something different for each of the generations, like Gen Y?
  • What’s the best way of inducting new employees?
  • How can we motivate staff?

Internationally Renowned Employee Management Expert On Your Side

The world leader world leader I turned to was Les McKeown and, as you will see, Les sure knows his stuff.

Les has been published internationally on employee attraction & retention and has consulted to some of the biggest names in the world such as Microsoft, Harvard University, and other such organisations throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States.

More important though, Les has over 25 years of global business experience, including starting 42 companies in his own right. Les was the founding partner of an business incubation consulting company that successfully established hundreds of businesses creating thousands of jobs.

Les is internationally renowned as an exceptional consultant in the field of employee attraction & retention.

Les’ unique experience and practical, ‘hands-on’ knowledge based on his personal ownership and operation of over 40 businesses employing hundreds of people, has enabled him to assist hundreds of organisations like yours in developing effective and lasting employee management and retention strategies.

Due to timing restrictions, the HRwisdom Membership program will soon be full.

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Specific Help For Organisations Like Yours

Specifically, I asked Les for a complete system which would help people like you in Australian organisations who want to:

  • Recruit better quality people who actually do what they say they will do.
  • Expand your pipeline of good employee candidates.
  • Improve employee morale.
  • Boost management confidence.
  • Increase in business efficiency and profitability.
  • Raise your reputation in the marketplace.

Les has done this and together we have created a powerful program to help you achieve the goals listed above.

But we didn’t stop there. In our discussions and planning sessions, it became very clear that the extreme nature of the financial downturn in combination with a ever-challenging labour market in Australia meant that the program needed answers to even more challenging issues.

We realised that busy professionals like you need all the support you can get – especially when people such as yourself are often doing the work of two or three people due to the tough economic conditions.

So we have put together the complete package to help you – see details below:

Registration is closing soon for March 2009 HRwisdom Membership.

Australia’s #1 support program for people with people-management responsibilities.

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HRwisdom Membership – Full of resources and personal support

HRwisdom Membership is restricted to proactive people like you who have workforce-management responsibilities and who, due to your hectic schedule, could benefit from access to a complete, turnkey system that any organisation can use to develop the exact employee attraction & retention strategy that’s right for your specific needs.

Here’s what you’ll get and discover along the way:

  • Build the most appropriate employee attraction and retention system for your organisation
  • Learn how to sell your plan internally and get managers, peers and employees to buy-in.
  • Getting manager buy-in and accountability for retaining good employees is often a struggle. You’ll get a handy manager tool to assist you in helping your managers see clearly where their employee retention risks are, and what to do about it.
  • How to become an Employer of Choice and differentiate your organisation from competing employers.
  • Learn why what you say and do before you hire is as important as what you say and do after you hire.
  • How to manage and retain Baby Boomers, Generation X’ers, and Generation Y’ers.
  • Learn about the best financial and non-financial rewards.
  • Discover what a pay and remuneration plan must achieve and how to do it.
  • Discover how to best utilise work-life-balance to attract and keep good staff.
  • How to manage under-performers to improve employee retention.
  • How to manage staff in the new industrial relations environment.
  • How to design and implement the right mentoring and coaching programs.
  • How to manage departing employees to improve employee retention.

Discover the special strategies and techniques for better employee retention.

HRwisdom Membership is about equipping you with all the special strategies, techniques, and solutions as an effective HR/people-management professional to solve tough employee-related challenges.

Throughout the program you’ll be exposed to advanced people-management tools and concepts that will open your eyes to new opportunities and new ways that the Human Resource consultants use to dramatically improve the performance and profitability of their clients.

  • If knowledge is what you crave, then we’ll provide you with an all you can eat information buffet in the form of downloadable materials, audio files and videos that highlight the latest workforce-management strategies and tools applied to real situations.
  • You will be invited to attend (from the comfort of your own desk) live web seminars and tele-conferences where you can listen to presentations and then participate in Q&A sessions with Human Resources experts across multiple fields.
  • We will provide you with three months of free email coaching with Human Resource experts encouraging you to apply what you have learned by taking continual action and road testing new tools and techniques.
  • We will keep you informed of new developments and resources that can help you in your role.

After just four weeks you’ll be astounded by how far you have progressed with your employee retention planning. If you can achieve that much in one month, imagine where you’ll be after 3 months!

Registration is now OPEN for March 2009 HRwisdom Membership.

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Top 10 Reasons Why HRwisdom Membership is Right For You

1. Use the excellent resources and receive 3 months of email coaching and support where our entire focus will be to transform you into an efficient and effective employee-management practitioner who can help your organisation across a range of workforce issues.

2. Don’t go it alone and risk overload or damaging employee turnover or employment compliance issues! Gain quick answers to tricky questions and issues from an experienced Human Resources expert who is available to help you when you need it most.

3. Forget mixed results and prior disappointments. Be equipped and empowered to ‘see through’ new systems and changes and make people-management decisions with confidence using information and methods that few others know about.

4. Tap into the combined wisdom of Human Resources consultants who have helped hundreds of people like you throughout Australia, using various strategies in varying labour market conditions. If we can’t help you solve a problem then it’s unlikely anyone can!

5. Fast track your workforce-management results, initially using the instantly downloadable documents and resources and then through the email coaching and regular updates.

6. See the full picture of how real companies and other organisations are reviewed, improved, and turned-around from using member-only templates, systems and ideas that will allow you to replicate the outcome.

7. Be kept informed on employmee management developments and changes as they happen.

8. Gain a complete understanding of the written resources provided to you by listening to the accompanying audio files which explain concepts and details in everyday, practical language.

9. Avoid the traps that are so common when dealing with people in the workplace by getting real life, common sense help from experts who’ve been there and dealt with similar issues themselves.

10. Get the support you want, the resources you lack and the sustained confidence you need to become a people-management success from a trusted and experienced source.

Get $2,439+ Value!


Here’s a list of what is included in your HRwisdom Membership:

Sales Icons tcgtrke_manual_v5HRwisdom Employee Attraction & Retention Manual

On registration as an HRwisdom Member, you will receive your comprehensive 246 page digital manual filled with great information on how to find, keep, and manage your workforce. Written by an international expert who has helped companies find and keep staff all over the world and who has been specially-commissioned to produce information for Australia’s unique situation, this comprehensive manual alone is worthy of the price tag as you will now have a blueprint for success ready to apply to your business. Value: $397.00

Sales Icons workbookHRwisdom Employee Attraction & Retention Workbook

As an HRwisdom Member, you will also receive a comprehensive and user-friendly 41 page digital workbook to help you bring the learnings of the manual to life. This step by step workbook will guide you right through to create and implement your own specific employee attraction and retention strategy. Value: $297.00

HRwisdom Presentations and Q&A Sessions

As an HRwisdom Member, you will be invited to attend (from the comfort of your own desk) live web seminars and tele-conferences where you can listen to presentations and then participate in Q&A sessions with Human Resources experts across multiple fields. Value: $500.00

Sales Icons email symbolGet Your Specific HR Questions Answered – Email Coaching

During the three months after you first sign-up for your HRwisdom Membership, Ben Geoghegan (Australian HR Consultancy Director and Founder of HRwisdom) and Les McKeown, a leading employee retention consultant, will provide you with structured email coaching feedback (at your choice – this is not mandatory!). Value: $360.00

HRwisdom Workbook Walkthrough – Audio File

Sales Icons hrwisdom workbook walkthrough smallTo give you further assistance on developing your own employee-management systems, plans and processes, you will also receive this comprehensive audio file which will walk your through the employee attraction & retention workbook. This discussion with Human Resources experts Ben Geoghegan and Les McKeown will help you bring the learnings of the manual to life. Value: $197.00

HRwisdom Retention Planner

Sales Icons risk analysis notes1An excellent, practical tool, the HRwisdom Retention Planner will help you and your organisation plan at the indvidual level so you can keep the right people in the organisation. This handy digital tool will assist you in helping your managers see clearly where their employee retention risks are, and what to do about it. The planner comes in Microsoft Excel format and is accompanied by a comprehensive set of explanatory notes which are written (as always!) in normal, jargon-free language. Value: $197.00

Sales Icons hrwisdom golfswing_v4Golf Swing Module

One of the core analogies used in the main digital workbook is the ‘seamlessness’ of effective retention – nothing should feel forced or imposed. In this additional support module, we go in to even more detail on how to ensure your employee retention activites are seamless with the rest of your employee development activities – and how not to fall victim to ‘intiative-itis.’ Value: $145.00

Teleclass: Your Employees – Renters or Owners?

Sales Icons owners to renters teleclass1One of the most striking differences between organisations that have good retention and those with high employee turnover is the underlying sense of ownership in the employees. In this audio recording of a live teleclass, we explain the difference between an ‘Owner’ mentality and a ‘Renter’ mentality, and how to hire and develop ‘Owners.’ The audio file is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation to follow throughout the Masterclass. Value: $149.00

HRwisdom Interview with Les McKeown – Audio File

Sales Icons hrwisdom interview with les mckeown small 1To give you further assistance on developing your own employee-management systems, plans and processes, you will also receive this comprehensive audio file in which Human Resources founder Ben Geoghegan puts a range of challenging employee-management questions to world leader in employee attraction & retention, Les McKeown. The discussion includes how to set your correct pay levels, how to improve employee inductions and orientation, how to choose appropriate financial and non-financial employee incentives, what to do about staff turnover, and more. Value: $197.00



Total Value: $2,439.00

Less HRwisdom Subscriber Discount: -$1,642.00
HRwisdom Base Price: $797.00
Special February 2009 Registration Week Discount: -$300.00
TOTAL SAVING: $1,942.00

Your Investment is only: $497.00 +GST


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We want you to succeed in your role and we want you to be confident in the resources we are providing. So, simply use your resources and use us for support. After putting all the advice and resources into action for 60 days, if you feel you have not improved your business above the cost of your HRwisdom Membership, simply let us know, delete the files, and your money will be refunded no questions asked.


Payment Options

  • One-Off Payment Made online using Visa or Mastercard credit card or PayPal processed securely through Eway and the ANZ Bank for a one-off payment of $497 plus GST. All of the world-class resources will be made instantly accessible through a digital download key so there’s no need to wait to get started.
  • One-off payment made by direct deposit to HRwisdom for $497 plus GST. As soon as you email through a copy of the direct deposit receipt, we can process the payment and all of the world-class resources will be made instantly accessible through a digital download key so there’s no need to wait to get started.

Terms & Conditions

You have read, understood and consent to the privacy statement and full terms and conditions of HRwisdom Membership (available here).

Secure Your Place Now And Save An Incredible $1,942!

Due to the support required for members, this support package will only be available at this price for a short time during March. Don’t miss out!

If you are one of the smart people who join up for your HRwisdom Membership now, then we’ll not only guarantee you a spot in Australia’s #1 employee retention support program, we’ll also slash an amazing $1,942 off your investment.

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Final Words

If you’re ready to take the next step to resolve your staffing headaches and want access to world-class information then make sure you get straight into the HRwisdom Pack. Imagine what you could achieve for your organisation with the power of Australia’s #1 Human Resources/people-management membership program behind you!

We look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your goals in the very near future.

All the best,ben geoghegan

ben geoghegan signature2

Ben Geoghegan – Manager, HRwisdom

P.S. The $1,942 discounts can only be guaranteed for people who register now as this page will be closing shortly. Make sure you don’t miss out on an incredible saving. Sign-up today.

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