HRwisdom Membership Program


Objectives & Disclaimer

The HRwisdom Membership Program (‘the Program’) is designed to provide resources and assistance to help organisations find, keep and manage good employees. It includes general advice about employee management issues, and provides access to an experienced Human Resource Management coach to assist in systems development, process and other related matters.

Furthermore, the information you receive from the Program, HRwisdom does not constitute specific legal, accounting, tax, or other similar type advice, nor can we take the place of your solicitor, accountant or other advisers.

We strongly recommend that you liaise with your own legal, accounting and other advisers to ensure that the strategies and concepts you learn from the Program can be tailored to your specific needs.


In joining the Program, you acknowledge to HRwisdom and suppliers:

  • That no guarantees or representations have been made as to the profits, success or benefits that you might achieve from the Program;
  • Any profits, success, benefits or other results that you achieve from the Program will depend upon your level of application, effort and the choices that you make;
  • That the Program is designed to provide resources, general advice and encouragement. It is not designed to make decisions for you or provide specific advice; and
  • Any management decision necessarily entails the risk of financial and other losses. HRwisdom do not warrant that following the general advice and using the resources provided by HRwisdom or related suppliers will prevent you incurring a loss or other adverse outcome.

Program Cost, Timing, Payment Options & Other Payment Terms

The cost of joining the Program (Program Cost) may be paid in full in advance (Payment in Full Option), or over two instalments (Part Payment Option).

Payments made under the One-Off Payment Option can be made online with credit card or by electronic deposit. Payments made under the Part Payment Option can only be made by credit card on the terms outlined on Page 2.

Refund Policy / Cancellation

After putting all the advice and resources into action for 60 days, if you feel you have not improved your business above the cost of your HRwisdom Membership, you may cancel your membership and request a refund by deleting the HRwisdom Membership files and providing written notice in the form of a letter sent by registered mail to:


45 Delawney Street
Balcatta, WA 6021

Your membership, inclusive of the resources provided during your membership, are not transferable, assignable or otherwise tradeable without the specific written consent of HRwisdom. Such consent will not generally be provided in the absence of exceptional circumstances.

General Terms

Copyright of all materials, events and other items is, will be and remains the sole and exclusive intellectual property of HRwisdom. HRwisdom may video tape, audio tape or otherwise record any Program event or function, including online or otherwise. HRwisdom may sell, licence or otherwise exploit any such intellectual property in any manner that HRwisdom considers appropriate. You acknowledge that you have consented to the use of your image, voice or investing results for such purposes.

HRwisdom may terminate your membership of the Program, or the Program itself, at any time for any reason without notice. In this case, the Refund Policy will apply.

You authorise HRwisdom (including their related entities but not third party entities) to email you details of offers and opportunities that may arise from time to time. You are free to notify HRwisdom at any time that you do no wish to receive such emails in future.

You authorise HRwisdom to obtain and retain for the purposes of the Program such personal and private information as you provide from time to time. Subject to the above, HRwisdom will securely retain such information and not disclose such information to third parties without your prior written consent.

HRwisdom reserves the right to amend or add to these terms and conditions at any time. HRwisdom will notify you by email or in writing of any such amendment or addition to these terms and conditions.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, you acknowledge that you irrevocably release, forgive and discharge HRwisdom, their directors, servants and agents from liability for any loss, damage, expense or other adverse event that you may suffer as a result of joining the Program.

In joining the Program, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.

Full Program Inclusions (3 Months)

  • HRwisdom Employee Attraction & Retention Manual
  • HRwisdom Employee Attraction & Retention Workbook
  • HRwisdom Presentations and Q&A Sessions
  • HRwisdom Workbook Walkthrough – Audio File
  • HRwisdom Retention Planner
  • Email Coaching
  • Golf Swing Module
  • Teleclass: Your Employees – Renters or Owners?
  • HRwisdom Interview with Les McKeown – Audio File