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HR Video On The Benefits Of Building A Diverse Workforce

Today HRwisdom is sharing an HR video on the benefits of building a diverse workforce.

Diverse WorkforceWith an ageing population, skills shortages of the past will return but with greater intensity.

Many business managers and human resources professionals will recall the great difficulties involved in recruiting during the last economic boom.

Small business owners regularly complained about being squeezed out of the labour market by a shortage of suitable staff that they could reasonably afford to hire.

One of the ways that the Federal Government is trying to address this issue is to encourage employers to become more open in their recruitment search and to take on a more varied work group.

One particular video highlights the fact that there are significant productivity and cost benefits involved with hiring a more diverse workforce. Tweet this fact

The video is a case study which looks at the advantages that hiring a diverse labour force can bring for Australian businesses. David Miao from Woolworths and Dominic Calabro from Catholic Homes discuss the topc and share their experiences.

Some of the discussion you’ll hear includes:

“Some employers think that people with disability and older workers will be less productive than co-workers but in fact, they take less sick days and have been rated higher in productivity, flexibility and attendance.”

“Some employers think that diversity won’t fit into their workplace with their customers, but in fact, diverse workforces have a positive influence on workplace culture and can increase customer loyalty.”

“Some employers think that people with disability and mature age workers will be more prone to accidents. In fact, the opposite is true.”

“In effect, the numbers don’t stack up. We’ve got an ageing workforce. We’re employing a more diverse workforce, yet our incidents WorkCover claims have continued to decrease.”

“Employers can be concerned that they don’t have the time or money to diversify their workforce, but in fact, employers may be eligible for a range of support from the Australian Government.”

Let’s hear some of the thoughts shared on the video . . .

HR Video on Building A Diverse Workforce

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Best Employment Law Advice Australia

Best Employment Law Advice Australia

At HRwisdom, as an HR resources website that helps Australian organisations with staff and human resources issues, we have high standards when it comes to the best providers of employment law advice in Australia.

Best Employment Law Advice AustraliaThis is especially important when we continue to face ongoing changes to legislation that affects employment across the country.

This includes pay and conditions, unfair dismissal, OHS, anti-discrimination and other such areas.

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Being well-organised and having good advice before things go wrong is the best way to manage any business.

There are many types of employment-related problems that employers in Australia regularly face.

These types of challenges that can seriously affect the performance, profitability, and standing of any business.

HRwisdom have been fortunate to find a selection of friendly and professional workplace law advice firms that really know their stuff.

One of the big things we prefer about these legal firms is their focus on being proactive so that you can prevent dramas before they arise.

This is important because unfair dismissal claims, hiring contract disputes and other such hassles tend to appear right when your all-important report is due or just as you’re about to give a major briefing.

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Having your workplace systems and processes assessed and quickly in place is definitely the best way to prevent the majority of employment claims and disputes.

Best Employment Law Advice in Australia

Whilst it is up to you which lawyer you use, HRwisdom trusts and enjoys working with these smart, friendly and forward-thinking employment legislation firms.

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Useful Labour Market Information Regional Northern Territory

The Australian Labour Market Report provides Labour Market Information for Regional Northern Territory businesses and introduces employers to a good range of facts about the labour market, employment and training.

Useful Labour Market Information Regional Northern TerritoryThe link to download the report is below.

The report includes detailed workforce information about specific industries and all labour markets around Australia, including Regional Northern Territory.

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In national terms, there are 19 broad industries in Australia. In employment terms, the largest are Health Care and Social Assistance, Retail Trade and Construction which each employ more than 1 million workers. Manufacturing is also a large employer, with almost 950 000. These four industries combined, employ two in every five Australian workers.

It is interesting that, although the Mining industry experienced the largest percentage rise in employment (75.5%), it had only the fourth largest number of new jobs and accounts for 2% of national employment.

Over a five year period, employment fell in Manufacturing, but there are still more people employed in Manufacturing than there are in the Arts and Recreation Services; Information Media and Telecommunications; Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services; and Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services industries combined. The decline in Manufacturing is part of a long-term trend reflecting structural adjustment in the Australian economy.


Useful Labour Market Information of Regional Northern Territory

Many industries, such as Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing; Mining; and Manufacturing create thousands of jobs in other industries, such as Transport, Postal and Warehousing; Professional, Scientific and Technical Services; and Construction.

Where are the new jobs?

Over the five year period, around 1.1 million jobs were created.
The largest growth was in:

  • Health Care and Social Assistance (up by 276,000)
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (122,300)
  • Education and Training (114,700)
  • Mining (102,900)
  • Construction (100,700)

Which industries had declining employment?

Employment declined in four industries over the five year period:

  • Manufacturing (down by 72,100)
  • Information Media and Telecommunications (46,800)
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (25,400)
  • Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services (2600).

Which industries have the most jobs in regional locations?

Although Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing has the highest proportion of its employment in regional areas (87%), followed by Mining (61%), the largest numbers of jobs in regional Australia are in:

  • Health Care and Social Assistance (almost half a million)
  • Retail Trade (more than 470 000)
  • Construction (around 407 000).

Useful Labour Market Information in Regional Northern Territory

Here is the link to download the Labour Market Report produced by the Australian Government, all you need to do is:

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. Come back to this page and use the orange form on the right to download over 40 free quality HR templates and reports.

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