Employers often ask us at HRwisdom for good interview questions to select good candidates.

We have gone one better.

Robert WatsonThanks to long time HRwisdom Community contributor, Robert Watson, we have come up with a Top 10 List of Interview Questions to ask at job interviews.

However, rather than just give you some excellent questions to ask, Robert also gives you the type of answer you want to hear back from your ideal candidate.

And believe us when we say that Robert knows what he is talking about.

Although he started out as an engineer and quality systems expert, Robert also had many years in the HR field perfecting recruitment & selection systems for a variety of businesses.

Robert even did extensive travel overseas for the express purpose of studying world’s best practice for establishing greenfields (brand new) business operations in Australia – this included how to hire people for their skills, knowledge and attributes (and not just the stuff listed on their CVs).

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So far we’ve seen:

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Let’s look at the last question . . .


Good Interview Question 10

Q10. Why do you want to work in our Business?

WhGood Interview Questions from www.HRwisdom.com.auy do you want to work in our business is a deceptively simple question, but the answers that candidates give you will tell you something about their attitude towards learning in particular.

The better candidates are the ones who are curious about the world and try to dig out information and research things.


Preferred Interview Answer – What You Want To Hear

When you ask the question “Why do you want to work in our business?” most people will probably give you an answer which guesses what your products or perhaps they do know what your products are.

A better answer would be something where the candidate might reveal a bit about the history of your company or how many sites you’ve got around the country or where you’re located or head office or something like that.

It’s only a little thing but my estimate is that about one in ten candidates will do that research and if they’re already researching and finding out information about your company before they’re employed with you, chances are that after you employ them, they will always be on the look out for information about how they fit in to the business and what opportunities are out there for them and if you invite them to come along to some training, they’ll invariably say yes because they have this thirst for knowledge.

So always listen behind the question to the underlying attitude.


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Top 10 Interview Questions With Answers You Want To Hear