Ultimate Guide To HR Analytics

The Ultimate Guide To HR Analytics

We’re delighted to recommend to you the Ultimate Guide To HR Analytics.

Good news: it’s free.

The Ultimate Guide To HR Analytics is a well thought-out and well presented resource for any HR professional.

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The guide is packed full of practical examples, quotes, and useful tools to use in your quest to get the best out of your workforce.

You’ll find helpful ideas and advice on topics such as:

  • The Evolution Of HR Analytics
  • The Hiring Process
  • The Onboarding Process
  • Employee Growth
  • Using Data To Improve Leadership
  • ROI of Employee Engagement
  • Maintaining A Data Driven Culture

Who Is The Ultimate Guide To HR Analytics For?

According to the author at the excellent OfficeVibe, the guide is for HR managers, and anyone responsible for handling employee engagement, retention, hiring, training, and is involved at any point in the employee life cycle. If you’ve heard of the term “big data” but aren’t quite sure what it is, or how it could apply to the HR department, the guide is for you. If you’ve ever wondered how successful companies like Google run their hiring and training processes, and want to learn from them, this guide is for you.

How To Use The Ultimate Guide To HR Analytics?

The Guide is recommended as a go-to manual for hiring, onboarding, retention, leadership training, and learning how to measure and optimize these processes. The goal is to become data-driven, and be familiar with the process of measuring and testing different assumptions to be able to answer important questions about the employee life cycle.

To access the free Ultimate Guide To HR Analytics, Click Here.

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