Regardless of whether an economy is in trouble or if times are booming, every organisation benefits when they can retain their best people and have them motivated to perform at their usual high standards.

Proactive organisations realise that if they can continue to give great service outcomes whilst their competitors flounder with people-related issues then they will be more attractive to customers and clients and to the market at large.

Organisations that don’t plan for employee retention should be prepared to manage excessive employee absenteeism, poor quality, attitude problems, key staff walking out at crucial moments, low morale, bad customer service, workplace injuries, cost blowouts and more.

The Employee Retention Masterclass is an excellent resource for any business.

Employee Retention Masterclass WorkbookThe Masterclass comes to you from guest HRwisdom contributor and internationally best-selling author, Les McKeown.

Not only has Les consulted to fortune 500 companies around the world, he has successfully started and grown dozens of companies in his own right, so Les knows what he is talking about.

In this comprehensive report, you will discover:

  • Powerful new approaches to attracting the right types of people to your business.
  • The key to developing your employer brand.
  • How to manage, develop and retain the right type of people for your organisation.

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