The HRwisdom Community Employee Attraction and Retention Guide is an excellent resource for any business.

In this comprehensive guide, top management practitioners offer you their best employee attraction & retention advice.

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Employee Attraction And Retention Guide

In this comprehensive E-book, here’s what you’ll find:

  • Alan Hargreaves: Start Serving: A Holistic View of Service
  • HRwisdom Blog: Orientation For Employee Retention
  • Andy Partridge: Built on Values – Creating An Enviable Culture
  • Anthony Sork: Top Tips For An Effective Induction
  • Juliette Robertson: Retaining Your Key Gen Y Staff
  • Tony Crosby: Career Management For Yourself
  • Les McKeown: The Most Important Interview: Why Are You Staying?
  • Mathew French: Social Media In Recruitment
  • Marie-Claire Ross: Engage Your New Starters
  • Emma Driscoll: 5 Ways To Become An Employer of Choice
  • Vlasta Eriksson: Get The Basics Right – The Ground Rules in Employment Contracts
  • Robert Watson: Generation Y In The Workplace
  • Josephine Thomson: The Move to Quiet Leadership
  • Charles van Heerden: Five Effective Strategies To Increase Employee Engagement
  • Nicole Underwood: Who’s Hot Who’s Not. What The Perfect Resume Won’t Tell You
  • Michelle Lambert: 10 Questions To Test Your Psychological Contract
  • Les McKeown: Where Does Retention Start?
  • Ron Jones: Attraction and Retention Strategies

For a limited time, the Employee Attraction and Retention Guide is available to be downloaded from here for free . . .

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