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Benefits of Using An Employee Benefits Program

A good staff benefits scheme can help you:

  • Improve the morale of your employees
  • Retain key people
  • Facilitate workplace change
  • Make it easier to attract and hire good staff
  • Position you as an Employer of Choice

What Is An Employee Benefits Program?

For some further information on employee reward and recognition, here’s an extract from an interesting article from Inc Magazine:

Employee Reward and Recognition Systems

In a competitive business climate, more business owners are looking at improvements in quality while reducing costs. Meanwhile, a strong economy has resulted in a tight job market. So while small businesses need to get more from their employees, their employees are looking for more out of them. Employee reward and recognition programs are one method of motivating employees to change work habits and key behaviors to benefit a small business.

Reward vs Recognition

Although these terms are often used interchangeably, reward and recognition systems should be considered separately. Employee reward systems refer to programs set up by a company to reward performance and motivate employees on individual and/or group levels. They are normally considered separate from salary but may be monetary in nature or otherwise have a cost to the company. While previously considered the domain of large companies, small businesses have also begun employing them as a tool to lure top employees in a competitive job market as well as to increase employee performance.

As noted, although employee recognition programs are often combined with reward programs they retain a different purpose altogether. They are intended to provide a psychological—rewards a financial—benefit. Although many elements of designing and maintaining reward and recognition systems are the same, it is useful to keep this difference in mind, especially for small business owners interested in motivating staffs while keeping costs low.