HRwisdom is sharing yet another excellent free resource which is perfect for HR professionals, team leaders, managers, and business owners: an employee coaching toolkit.

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The HRwisdom Employee Coaching Toolkit consists of a comprehensive guide plus a set of coaching document templates. Why employee coaching? Let’s see what Katherine Graham-Leviss from Entrepreneur Magazine has to say about coaching employees:

Many employers sit their workers down once a year for a review. At that time, the employee finds out what they’ve been doing right or if there are areas in need of improvement. But what happens the other 364 days of the year? Coaching is a different approach to developing employees’ potential. With coaching, you provide your staff the opportunity to grow and achieve optimal performance through consistent feedback, counseling and mentoring. Rather than relying solely on a review schedule, you can support employees along the path to meeting their goals. Done in the right way, coaching is perceived as a roadmap for success and a benefit. Done incorrectly and employees may feel berated, unappreciated, even punished.


Employee Coaching Toolkit To Download (For Free)

Whether you’re just starting out as team leader, or you’ve been in management for a while, having a set of tools can make a big difference to your effectiveness. In this HRwisdom Employee Coaching Toolkit, you’ll get a set of tools that cover each step of the coaching process to coach your employees – from initial preparation and meetings to final action plans.

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The tools you’ll learn to use are as follows, all of which are included in the guide:

  • Self-Assessment Worksheet Employee Coaching Toolkit Diagram


  • Coaching Session Preparation Worksheet



  • Individual Coaching Plan Template



  • Coaching Feedback Worksheet



  • Coaching Session Agenda Template



  • SWOT Analysis Matrix



  • Root Cause Analysis Worksheet



  • High Impact Questions Worksheet



  • Goal and Action Plan Template



  • Coaching Journal



  • Accountability Checklist




Download The Free HRwisdom Employee Coaching Toolkit

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All the best with your coaching.