HRwisdom has assembled some more excellent HR resources that will help provide employers with employment law advice Australia.

In their careers, many HRwisdom Community members have seen the nasty side of employee relations gone wrong.

Examples include:

  • Under-performing employees claiming “harassment” or “bullying” by their manager or supervisor who has been clumsy in their attempts to apply the company’s performance management policy.
  • Former employees poaching key staff.
  • Falling foul with government inspectors by paying in accordance with the wrong award.
  • Being hit by backpay claims by not being clear enough on the Employee vs Contractor issue.
  • Not having solid employment contracts in place.
  • Botching staff terminations and redundancies (creating a terrible working atmosphere for those who remain).
  • Not knowing how to handle unions in the workplace.
  • Discrimination claims being made and eventually costing the business time and money.
  • Strikes or threatened industrial action poisoning a previously positive workplace relationship with the employees.

Employment Law Advice Australia

Due to the complexity and ever-changing nature of workplace law in Australia, HRwisdom often draws upon legal experts to provide high quality workplace relations advice through the HRwisdom Blog and through other methods.

You are encouraged to take good advantage of the resources shared on this site and to always be proactive when it comes to staff-management in general.

To save themselves the headache, proactive organisations tend to tick the following four items off the To Do list as soon as possible:

  1. Have all employment law documentation (including HR policies, procedures, letters and forms) in place.
  2. Train all staff in the existence and the proper use of these human resources documents.
  3. Provide good employee relations training to all supervisors and managers.
  4. Have independent legal advice assess the documentation, processes, training before, not after, things go wrong.

Smart businesses add a 5th item to their list . .

Employment Law Advice AustraliaThe 5th item is to keep up to date with good employment law advice in Australia so the business is ready for any problem that may arise.

HRwisdom regularly meets with employment lawyers in Australia to discuss developments in workplace law.

We will continue to let you know when we find good new information and workforce management resources.

We will keep these resources and contact lists of employment lawyers in Australia on a regional basis.

You can access details of good employment law advice Australia here: