There is an almost overwhelming range of options when it comes to ways of managing your workforce.Our Recommended Online HR Software For Small-Medium Employers

Once upon a time, business owners and managers ran their operations with a trusty pen and clipboard.

As time passed, the growing popularity of Microsoft Excel saw those same business owners and managers setting up rows and rows of data inside very plain-looking spreadsheets.

At the corporate end of town, large employers continue to rely on mega-systems such as SAP or Oracle to manage staffing levels, employee onboarding and offboarding and everything in between.

The rise of tech-based businesses and SaaS (Software as a Service) companies has led to an explosion in the range of options for businesses.

One simple and very helpful SaaS that we like at HRwisdom is the People HR system.

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We like People HR for 5 main reasons:

  1. It is designed with real human beings in mind (if you’ve ever used SAP or Oracle, you’ll know what we’re talking about). The system is easy to use and is attractive to look at – whoa, did we just say that about an HR information system?
  2. Reporting is very easy to do. There are various template reports already set up and ready to be published, emailed or downloaded. You can also easily create your own specific reports based on what you need. Need a monthly report for Headcount By Department and Start Date? Just click those options and it’s done. Even better is the fact that you can pre-schedule the reports to run so all you need to open your email account at the start of the month and click on the report.
  3. It’s all securely online. Out of the office but need to check some details, add a new employee or approve someone’s leave request? Just log in wherever you are in the world and it’s done.
  4. It connects with other excellent software services like Small Improvements (a replacement for the dreaded annual performance review) and applicant tracking and payroll services.
  5. The ‘Ripple’ workflow lets you automate any repetitive manual process, by building your own custom Workflows. Workflows are easy to build, and can perform hundreds of actions using any employee data set..

A report recently shared by Forbes Magazine revealed that companies are wasting about 17 hours per week creating HR reports. That’s more than two full working days.

If you would like an easier way to manage your HR workload, we recommend you take a look at People HR here.

It’s our recommended online HR software for small-medium employers.