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Dear HR Professional or Business Owner,

With around 1,500 business owners, HR professionals, and consultants now part of the HRwisdom community, we thought it was a good time to tap into the collective wisdom of the group and share good ideas, tips and strategies to find, keep and manage employees.

As a respected member of the business community, you are now invited to be part of a special HRwisdom report.

The HRwisdom Employee Attraction & Retention Guide has been used by hundreds of HR professionals and business people to improve their business. To download your free copy, click here: Employee Attraction and Retention Guide.

We’re updating the Guide and would love your involvement.

Here’s how it works:

  • You share your employee attraction & retention advice.
  • The aim is for your article to be able to be read in 5 minutes or less. Ideally, your article would be a page or so of good solid tips and successful strategies (so no advertising or self-promotion – just good advice).
  • There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You are free to use one of your pre-existing blog posts, newsletter articles, etc.
  • You are welcome to add your contact details such as your LinkedIn profile, your company profile, company web address, and these will be included in the report.
  • When the next instalment of the report is ready, it will be released for free to all members of the HRwisdom community.
  • Please note that full articles or excerpts of articles may be posted on the HRwisdom Blog and/or published publicly elsewhere via Twitter, press releases and other such methods and by contributing your article, you grant us full permission to do so.
  • You will have the opportunity to see your article before the final report is published and you will have the chance to withdraw the article before we publish the report. Of course, your article must be written by you (or by someone approved by you) and the article must not breach copyright or intellectual property law. We may edit the article on grounds of spelling and grammar.
  • You are welcome to mention companies and organisations you have worked for (or currently working for) but, to keep things up to date, it would be easier if you did not specifically list your CV or your current job title and current employer. Rather than “Mary is HR Professional at Z Company,” it would be preferable to see something like: “Mary has worked in various HR roles for companies like X and Y.”
  • Please email your article to support [@] and put “HR Article” somewhere in the subject line.

This invitation will be closing soon so please send your article within one week.

It would be great to have you involved in this project.