When people talk of corporate values and culture, most us think of that age-old cliché: ‘Our People Are Our Greatest Asset.

Today, however, we are sharing an example of excellence in the field of employee attraction and retention.

In particular, we are sharing one small example of excellent leadership which ticks all the boxes:

  • Make people want to join the business.Employee Attraction and Retention Example
  • Make people want to stay in the business.
  • Inspire people to give their all for the business.
  • And most impressively, impresses potential clients of the business.

In its own words, “The Physio Co exists for a very simple purpose: we love to help oldies stay mobile, safe & happy.”

The Physio Co provides physiotherapy services for the aged care industry and has been listed as one of Australia’s 50 ‘Best Companies to Work’ and featured in BRW magazine for half their business life.

As an overall description, their opening line of their value statement says the right things:

We are a values-driven organisation – our values are what set us apart from others and provide guidance for making decisions every day. The Physio Co will achieve our goals by consistently living by our values. Any decision, problem or issue will be answered by referring to our values.

You can read the whole value statement here and you’ll see how they’ve put a whole new twist to the boring old mission statements espoused by so many corporate videos.

However, what has impressed us at HRwisdom has been their development of use of a powerful device they call the Physio Co Culture Book.

The Culture Book is a beautifully-presented guide to what it means to work at the Physio Co and, more importantly, how it benefits their clients. It is also a powerful employment branding tool which you should take a look at now if you are looking for some fresh ideas.

You can download the book here: Physio Co Culture Book.

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