How To Motivate Staff – The Key Elements

The question of how to motivate staff is very important and is one we like to help answer here at HRwisdom.

Today we are sharing a very useful presentation sent to us on the key elements of staff motivation.

How To Motivate StaffWe think you’ll enjoy the presentation (slides only, no sound) as it reveals some very interesting results from studies conducted on employee motivation in very different work situations.

Furthermore, the slides reference some interesting information from a Return On Investment study conducted in Australia which looked at the fine balance between cash rewards and other methods of motivating your staff.

[box size=”medium” border=”full”]You may also wish to take a look at our previous HRwisdom Blog update where we shared an example of excellence in the field of employee attraction and retention. In particular, we shared one small example of excellent leadership which ticked all the boxes: 1) Make people want to join the business. 2) Make people want to stay in the business. 3) Inspire people to give their all for the business. 4) And most impressively, impresses potential clients of the business.[/box]

Of course, we always recommend having a browse through the HRwisdom Blog for more great information and ideas on employee motivation, employee engagement and similar issues (and make sure you’re part of the free HRwisdom Community via the sign-in form on the right-hand side of this page).

But, in the meantime, take a look at this presentation and have a think about how it applies in your organisation: